Letters to Santa

This time of year always makes me think of all the traditions my Mother held tight to every year.  These traditions will always have a warm spot in my heart. We always colored an advent calendar; took food to charities; stood outside stores ringing bells; and woke to reindeer tracks and Santa’s muddy boot prints. However, I think what stands out to me the most would be our letters to Santa.

In case you haven’t noticed, my childhood was quite different from most. We have a strict, but very loving Mama who instilled in us many important values. Most of all, she taught us responsibility, manners, respect, gratitude, and thoughtfulness. Things were no different at Christmas time.

Every year, after the tree was put up; the old world Santas were placed around the house; and the Nativity scene placed on the sidebar, it was time to write our letters to Santa. We would sit at the dining room table with homemade hot cocoa and Christmas cookies. Mama would turn on Christmas music and bring out her box of stationary. Inside this box, was the prettiest Christmas paper ever! The best part, it was only used for our letters to Santa. She even had special pencils for us to use.

Now, my mama is a bit different from most when it comes to writing to Santa. There were rules involved. Not only did we have to use our best handwriting, but we also had to actually write a letter- no lists allowed! We were only allowed to ask for one thing. Most of all, we had to show appreciation. Our letters were to include a thank you for last years gifts;  a thank you for being nice to so many kids; and what we accomplished that year. I didn’t understand why we did this, but now I am so thankful that my Mama did this. After we wrote our letters, we made Santa a gift- usually an ornament.

As I sit here writing this, I wonder what made her think to do this. Also, I wonder whatever happened to those years of gifts for Santa from three children with an amazing Mother. I have my suspicions that they were either given to family members, the sick and elderly at hospitals or nursing homes, women’s shelters, or even to random charities. I will ask her one day. These are traditions that I will definitely keep going with my own son!

At the following websites, you can find areas to let your children email letters to Santa, as well as receive a letter from Santa!






enjoy these links!

on the the

The Dolls are Alright

(The place where imagination opens the heart)

source: The Dolls are Alright

The Dolls are Alright is a blog written by dolls (Patti, Petie, and Tricia) and their Guardian (Patricia).

The blog contains stories from their everyday lives, photo shoots, and even snippets of history.

I met Patricia in a course on SITS ( The Secret to Success is Support)

I knew from the point of hearing her story that I just had to see this blog.

It is adorable.

I have never seen another like it!

It is definitely a must see!

Just let her know that I sent you!

Write a letter to Santa, spend some time with some dolls, and have a Merry Christmas

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  1. I love your mom! The traditions she fostered in you and your siblings will be remembered for a very long time especially since you are passing them down to your child. What a gift ~ and she taught the gift of gratitude … doesn’t get any better than that, which brings me to the gratitude I feel for your adding The Dolls Are Alright to your blog (misty eyes). This is a gift I will remember. May this holiday season bring you many sweet memories. With gratitude ~ Patricia, Patti, Tricia and Petie (of course)

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad that my memories have brought happiness to someone! I enjoy reading your blog, so I will continue to send people your way. Its not very often that someone truly original comes along, and I found that at your blog! Thank you for bringing your creativity to the world!

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