Handy Tool: CatchFree.com

As I am sure you have noticed, NighLon has a new look.

Even though I had been wanting to redesign, I accidentally changed my them (more on that and tips later). I wasn’t going to take on that challenge quite yet because I am participating in The SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.  I have learned many things, and this is just the start of the second week. This week, I am taking a “look under the hood” of NighLon. This will include: checking for broken links, creating a best of page, making NighLon mobile friendly, and some other nitty gritty stuff. (I promise that you guys will benefit!)

I have already made some great blogging buddies and have some project in mind to work with them on. These guys have inspired me to write this post. We have all had so much fun sharing our tips, tools, secrets, and favorite websites.

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite websites, that I only discovered this week. I am already addicted.

Catchfree.com is basically my new go-to site. Catch free highlights the best of the web. There’s a catch though: Its only free services. AMAZING! Their tagline describes it perfectly: Perform everyday tasks for free.

One of the features I really like about it is that Its not just site-owner opinion, users also rate services and give critiques.  You can even narrow searches down and see how closely the service matches your criteria. I have only begun to explore. This will definitely be my first stop when searching for useful web services.

Google: Watch out, I won’t be spending as much time sweet-talking you!

Some of the services featured on CatchFree are:

listen to children’s books

backup computer files

share files

build a website

build a landing page

creating surveys

I stress that this is just a very few services highlighted at Catchfree.com

To all my readers (and SITSTAS) I hope you find this as beneficial as I do.

About NighLon

MARKETER, SAHM, wife, graphic designer, web designer, tweek (twitter addict), blogger, and self proclaimed social media guru.

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  1. Love the site, what a fun twist on marketing! I’m loving the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog – getting a lot out of it in just the first week.

    • I did the “first week of blogging” course in the fall, so just had to give this a go! Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you are enjoying. Maybe we can get together for a “fabulou” link up

  2. looks great, will def check it out…thanks 🙂

  3. Wow! Awesome resources, as usual! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Thank you, and you are welcome, soon I will start a series on “best of the web” I’m hoping to make it a linky so that my readers can see other blogger’s take on this as well

  5. Oh my, have we ever learned a lot in the past two weeks… and I’m just blown away by all the amazing people we meet along the way.

    I’ll have to take a peek at catchfree, but all the techiness shies me away right now… I’m a bit overwhelmed right now =)

  6. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. The thing about these services is that they are pretty easy to use. For the most part you don’t have to have any developer knowledge to use free tools, because you will be using their system.

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