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Highlights from Christmas & A Gift

Christmas 2011 was extremely exciting for me.

This was the first year that my son had any clue what was going on, so that was extremely exciting.

He is only 15 months old and received a guitar collection, and MEGA BLOCKS, of course!

My husband rocks and I got a new camera, computer, and other awesome gadget!

Yes, readers of Nighlon will benefit from this.

you can get a blank copy of this Christmas memory frame here

have fun with it, but please be sure to read my terms of use.

Today, I am giving you a recap of the

here are the blogs Nighlon linked to for the 25 days of Christmas




I hope you enjoyed these blogs and got some goodies from them.

If there are other blogs you would like to see NighLon feature, let me know.

I’m always looking for new blogs, I’m a junkie.

Coming up: a recap of 2011; NighLon goals for 2012; and amazing featured blog; and some great tips and tutorials.

I have some huge plans for NighLon in 2012.

Happy New Year!

Happiness Day is TODAY!

Today was very frustrating to me.

I won’t go into many details.

All I will say is this: People should be more thankful!

No matter your situation, there is always something to be thankful for.

It saddens me to see that this is the world my son will grow up in.

In light of this, I have decided to start a new project.

I want to make a difference and make the world a happier place!

Enter: BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION: life is perfect, even when its not!

As I’m sure you have read before, Beautiful Imperfection is my mommy blog.

Its kind of cute too (I’m proud of it)

Here, I am going to start a challenge. A challenge to be a positive inspiration to people.

To encourage others to be happier.

To encourage others to look around them and see what they have to be thankful for.

I will share with you when the details are complete.

Now for some fun!

I have decided to follow in an old family tradition with NighLon.

In my family, my family left the Christmas Tree up until January 2, every year.

This was to bring something good from the old year into the new year.

Following in this tradition, I am going to keep the blog kit giveaway going until  January 3rd.

Just follow the requirements HERE by January 3rd, and you will receive a free custom blog kit!

On to the

Today, I am featuring The Sweet Life.

I literally just ran across this blog and had to postpone the other blogs I had lined up.

She goes so well with today’s post.

Steph is inspiring!

Her blog is so happy.

I love her bucket list.

Of course, I love lists, and she has a lot of them.

In fact; she shared one today, and I am going to pass it along!

1. Eggnog or hot chocolate?
BOTH… do I really have to choose?
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree?
Santa wrapped presents, but we had to pick out the paper because Santa wrapped at our house.
Thats the only way he knew which gift went where.
I think Mom and Dad presents will be wrapped for the Tbomb, and unwrapped from santa.
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?
4. Do you hang mistletoe?
This was the first year I didn’t
5. When do you put your decorations up?
Growing up, it was the day after thanksgiving, but my husband and I put it up mid November
6. What is your favorite holiday dish?
RED VELVET CAKE and Christmas Eve Low Country Boil
7. Favorite holiday memory as a child?
There are way too many, I cannot choose one!
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I was 8, my dad’s friend told me.
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Yes. It was always new Jammies

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
With very special ornaments. They all have a story.

11. Snow! Love it or dread it?
Dread it! That is changing now that I have a little one!

12. Can you ice skate?
I am entirely too clumsy for that! I like to watch people ice skate though!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
Finding out I was pregnant! Yep, that tops it.
Next would be when my mom bought me a globe. She put a note on it that said:
“You deserve the world, and now you have it!”

14. What’s the most important thing about the holidays for you?
Being surrounded by those I love, teaching my son the real reason for Christmas, and helping others.

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Special coffee and everyone cooking together.

17. What tops your tree?
It was a star growing up, but my husband likes the Angel, so thats what we have this year.
18. Which do you prefer: giving or receiving?
GIVING! I love doing something special for those I love. I especially love making gifts.
19. Candy canes: yuck or yum?
20. Favorite Christmas show?
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus and A Christmas Story

21. Saddest Christmas song?

Christmas Shoes

22. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
Baby, Its Cold Outside and O Holy Night
Go on over to
and send some Christmas Love
I truly hope I spread some Christmas Cheer
Coming soon: my very own happiness project/ challenge!

Fabulously Geeky Giveaway at Flutterhappy

I hope you guys all remember me mentioning one of my favorite blogs: FLUTTERHAPPY.

She made my inbox happy once again today.

I wasn’t feeling like the internet loved me very much today, and then I checked my email.

Arvee is at it again, giving away this fabulous camera bag from Izzoshop.

Meet the Molly Bag

source: flutterhappy

source: flutterhappy

As much as I want to win this bag, I am sharing the opportunity with my readers.

Besides, her blog is too good to pass up once again!

Just go to FLUTTERHAPPY  for details on entering.

Be sure to let her know I sent you!

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!

Talk to Santa & Do Something Nice

source: gmail

 Although I occasionally get irritated and threaten to delete it, I absolutely love GMAIL.

I love all the amazing things you can do with it to stay organized (more on that in another post).

I love the pretty backgrounds and the simplicity of it, while still being able to do just about anything from Gmail.

Most of all, I love all the new labs and other projects consistently released.

Its always nice to see companies doing cute Christmas things with kids, like Google/ Gmail does.

Last year, people all over the U.S. recieved special phone calls from Santa Claus.

This year, we can all talk to Santa ourselves!

Just call his Google Voice Number:  855-34-SANTA and leave him a message.

Of course, he is very busy and cannot personally return the messages, but he has a special surprise lined up this year.

Also, this year, you can have Santa send a personalized greeting  to a loved one!

Just go to and fill out the form.

Just be sure to do it just before you would like the message received!

Not only can you send these to children, but also adults. There are plenty of funny responses to fill in.

I will be sending these to my son, husband, inlaws, grandparents, cousins, niece, nephews, brother, mother…

and probably everyone else I can think of!

This is going to be so much fun, and I will probably be in trouble by the time Christmas is over!

On to the


Here, Jo-Annie encourages bloggers, as a community to band together and stop bullying.

When I think of bullying, I automatically think of elementary school bullies stealing lunch money.

However, in my short stint as a blogger, I have had my eyes opened to the bullying that happens in the blogosphere.

I won’t go into any details, because I choose to be better than that, but I have experienced it here.

I however, believe that the world would be happier and we would all be much more successful if we would work together, rather than against each other. Not only that, but why sink to that level. Other people are just going to look negatively at those who are mean.

Enter the Kind Hearted Blogger Campaign. Jo-Annie encourages us to sign the pledge and place a badge on your site.

She promises to link to whomever places the badge on their site.


I encourage all of my readers to go here and sign the pledge.

Its a simple way to do something good.

After all, It is Christmas!

Merry Christmas

My New Adventure & Getting Organized

I know, I got behind again.

Organizing is not my thing lately, but we will get to that later!

First, I have some really exciting news.

created by Angie

Angie at Mystic Made made this beautiful pixel email signature for me!

Oh, how I love Christmas.

I adore these little works of art, so as a gift to myself I am going to learn how to do them.

I have joined a mentor site, set up a blog so showcase my lessons on, and I am so excited!

Lucky for you guys, there are gifts all around today.

Here is a scrap page I put together from the lovely work of Aimee at

Just insert your own picture and enjoy!

layout by nighlon; graphics by

Just click on the image, it will take you to the download.

On to the

Organize With Sandy has become one of my favorite blogs.

Like I said before, organizing has not been my thing lately.

Its hard to believe that I was at one time the most organized person I know.

The sad part is, I have no clue what happened.

On to Sandy. She is wonderful. She is talented. She is a geek. She is organized.

What could be better? When I read her blog, I often think…

“Oh yeah, she is genius… I want to be her when I finally grow up!”

Not only will you find ways of organizing; stories about being a mom and a wife; and definitely some motivation!

Hop on over to Organize With Sandy, Just let her know I sent you!

Merry Christmas

I ♥ Pink & Today’s Inspirations

Today, I have felt quite accomplished, so as a reward I decided that I would reward my self with

some much needed blog catch-up.

I went to some of my favorite blogs and it hit me… (when I saw a pink camera of course)

That I would search for hot pink stuff!

So, what I have come up with is my Christmas list to my FAIRY GODMOTHER!

( I know, but a girl can wish)

Here it is

this Jeep

this kitchen

with this Kitchenaid Mixer

this closet

this sofa

this guitar

this office

OK, so now that I’m done drooling over hot pink things,

on to the

Today’s blog of the day is actually the blog that inspired this post!

A Quirky Girl’s Thoughts is my favorite place to go when I want to relax and drool over things.

She documents her life through instagram, holds giveaways for some really amazing products, and just shows some of the cutest things on her blog.

It really is a collection of thoughts from a quirky girl.

Jacque is a truly unique individual who I think has something for everyone.

If you need a smile, an idea, or just to relax, her blog is the perfect place to go!

Head on over to A Quirky Girl’s Thoughts, have some fun,

and don’t forget to let her know that I sent you!

Enjoy all the pinkness and Merry Christmas

Playing Catch-Up

Since I have failed to actually catch-up, I am doing 2 posts in 1

Life happens… what do you do?

Lego Christmas: A Geek’s Winter Wonderland


source: The Verge

At a London Train Station , a 33 foot Christmas Tree has been built.

Out of LEGOS!

It is probably the largest Lego Christmas Tree ever built, and took over 2 months to complete!

Talk about spreading the Christmas Cheer.

Here are more views:

source: The Verge

Source: The Verge

I do believe I am going to try my hand at making Christmas goodies out of  Legos!

Maybe a wreath, some ornaments, or a Christmas town.

Be a Friend to a Geek

White October and Hutchhouse has brought a very important cause to my attention!

Not all geeks have friends!

How can this be?

Its just not fair!

So, do your part and to here to pledge to make a difference.


 (seriously though, take the time to share a moment with someone who is lonely)

everyone deserves to spend Christmas with somebody. Reach out and show you care!

On to the

well, actually… 2 blogs of the day today!

The first blog that I would like to recognize is Kludgy Mom

source: Kludgy Mom

I really enjoy this blog.

Truly, a blogger after my own heart!

She blogs about geekiness, mom stuff, wifey stuff, social media….

all of my favorite things.

I look forward to the newsletter popping into my inbox

(in case you can’t tell by now, I am a total blog addict)

So, just hop on over to Kludgy Mom and see the great stuff she has to offer!

Let her know I sent you!

In the words of Jason and Grant,

On to the next!

source: Trashy Betty

Trashy Betty is one of my favorite blogs!

She blogs about her artwork, her kids, her life in general, and all things she loves, including other artists.

Her Etsy shop is absolutely amazing!

If I didn’t have a 1 year old running around, I would have everything she makes.

For now, I think I’ll just look at it, and order a skull headband or FTW mirror!

She even does hair and makeup for a Pinup photographer!

Talk about multi-talented!

Enjoy my finds and favorite blogs

Merry Christmas

Farmville 12 Days of Christmas & Lots of Goodies to Choose From

This funny poem was written by my amazingly talented MIL.

This is what happens when she gets irritated at Farmville:

On the First day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
one Winter Wonderland with the chance of a new Farming Degree!

On the Second day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Two lost turtles, out of sync errors, and encouraged me to buy a special tree!

On the Third day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Three snow hens, some useless sheep,
and a silver Mastery for my farming degree!

On the Fourth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Four flighty birds, no place to put them, now I need an upgrade,
and property doesn’t come cheap or free!

On the Fifth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Five quests to follow, Reindeer for reward, bugs in the system,
and encouraged me to buy a special tree!

On the Sixth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Six geese a-straying, a new pen to build, many supplies needed,
I have to have more boards pretty please.!

On the Seventh day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
seven penquins lost, 10 quest to find them.
I need to start it now! But the game just will not un-freeze!

On the Eighth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Eight hours of playing, seven penguins lost.
Think i’ll make my farm look Christmassy.

On the Ninth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Nine new ways of paying, have to get that farm cash,
so i can go and buy a special tree.

On the Tenth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
10 more pens to build, new seeds to buy, more Quests to follow,
and I forgot to harvest my new tree!

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Eleven neighbors spamming, viruses and threats, people going crazy,
because we need completion of our Mastery.

And on the Twelfth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
12 major headaches, 11 neighbors angry, 10 pens to fill, 9 empty game-cards, 8
things for storage, 7 useless penguins, 6 geese not laying, 5 ugly lamas, 4 strange ducks, 3 winter hens, 2 turtles I deleted, and
my artificial, but completed Farming Degree!!!!

 just go here and see how talented she is… you can reach her other blogs there as well

On to the

Today’s blog of the day is a little bit different!

Perfect for anyone with an interest in the Paranormal.

Whether it be ghosts, aliens, crop circles, Cryptozoology, or anything else among the Paranormal

There are several links you may find useful.

There is a newsletter, that is quite interesting.

Along with Lady M Graphics, I am giving gifts to anyone who signs up for their newsletter.

All you have to do is send me a message HERE

that includes your email address, and what you want as your free gift.

Here is what you have to choose from:

Any kit at Lady M Graphics


anything on my site personalized for you!

Pretty great deal, huh?

Still Behind & The Life of a Geek Mom

So, on “day 3” of my 25 Days of Christmas,

I will share with you a day in the life of a geek Mom at ChristmasTime.

What does a Mom do when:

There is a One year old running around;

from fridge to freezer with magnets in hand?

Oh, and don’t forget he is learning to go Potty!

[bragging on my 14 month old a little]

What does she do when

he is also cutting teeth AGAIN?

Why follow him around, of course!

What does a Wife do when:

Her husband is a geek in his own way?

When he wrestles with a little monster every morning?

When he puts up the tree and lights…

and it looks oh so nice?

What does she do when,

he loves sausage balls, lemon bars, and sugar cookies?

Why bake, of course!

[yes, I know, its scary… I bake, or at least i’m learning to!]

What does a GEEKY WIFE and MOM do at ChristmasTime?

When the new Star Wars goodies come out.

When its shopping season,

and she can’t take her eyes off the secret things she is obsessed with?

Why she drools over STAR WARS goodies, of course!


Light Saber Chopsticks


Lego Star Wars Advent

Star Wars Xbox

So, in summary… These are the things that all those Star Wars fans on your nice (or naughty) list will enjoy!


On to the

Today’s blog of the day is one that I subscribe to, and I really enjoy her posts!


Arvee blogs about all things that make her happy.

ESPECIALLY photography!

She’s such a great photographer, I wish I had half her talent.

When I read her blog, I realize that while we are so much alike,

I would actually annoy her to death.

(mostly because I LOVE exclamation points!!!! … see)

This is my favorite photo on her blog:


source: flutterhappy

Just hop on over to flutterhappy,

and let her know I sent you.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas

Day 2: I love Elves & A Modern Day Hippie

I know, I’m still behind, but I promise to catch up!

On to day 2 of NighLon’s

I am a total commercial junkie.

I mean, I could watch commercials instead of actual TV.

Every year, I have a favorite Christmas commercial;

If you know me, you can probably guess which one it is!


source: TMobile

I love these little pink and silver guys!

I am not really a fan of TMobile commercials in general,

but what’s not to love about shiny elves?

I just love them, I could dress up like one!

On to the

My friend Jennifer has a fabulous blog!

Its Lifestyles of a Modern Day Hippie

She writes about her adventures of being a NATURAL MOMMY

To make it even better, her little boy is just ADORABLE!

What you will find there:



Photos from her little man in our home town

Tips for natural parenting

her thoughts on all things mommy and baby.

I can’t wait to make her homemade vanilla extract!

I have the honor of helping her with her design process; and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hop on over there and show her some love, but don’t forget to tell her that I sent you!

Have a Merry Christmas

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