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Me Defined: A to Z

A little more about me

A. Age: 27
B. Bed size:Double. ♥
C. Chore that you hate: Vacuming… No idea why, I just hate it.
D. Dogs: Dogs. I’ve always had a dog. Now, I have my little Choxi.
E. Essential start to your day: COFFEE.
F. Favorite color: Pink, Teal, Black, Neon Green.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver.
H. Height: I”m little, 4’10”.
I. Instruments you play: I sing, and can play a little of several instruments. Alto Baritone, Trumpet, Organ, Guitar, oh, and the tamborine!
J. Job title: MOM, WIFE, graphics designer, blogger, KNOW IT ALL.
K. Kids: Son, 2 dogs, and a cat.

L. Live: Golden Corner, SC
M. Mother’s name: April
N. Nicknames: Ewok, calm in the storm, Cari Pooh, half pint.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Tonsillectomy, Baby birth, Sickness after my son’s birth
P. Pet peeves: TOUCHING THE TOP OF MY GLASS, or the center of my plate. leaving drawers open, and close-mindedness.

Q. Quote from a movie:  Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’. – Yoda, The Emperor Strikes Back

R. Right or left handed: Right.

S. Siblings: 2 brothers
T. Time you wake up: whenever the little man wakes me, even though I prefer to get up early.
U. Underwear: Yes.

V. Vegetable you hate: Carrots and Green Beans.
W. What makes you run late:  OTHER PEOPLE.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: lots… can’t even name them all
Y. Yummy food that you make: Pumpkin Butter, Pumpkin Pie, Spaghetti, Beef Pot Pie
Z. Zoo animal: Zebra

Thank You Arvee at FLUTTERHAPPY for sharing this amazing list. This was so much fun!

5 Cool Ways to Market Your Blog with QR Codes

qr code from

I know, I know, qr codes are for big time marketing campaigns. Really? no, I don’t think so.

I have been fascinated in these codes since I first saw one in some random magazine I read, and knew that I could find a use for them!

I started looking for qr code generators and discovered My favorite thing about this particular generator is that you can customize it! No more plane jane black and white qr codes for me. You can change the color and even the border around it.  You can embed phone numbers, pictures, websites, or even contact information. I think, I would even buy a mug with my qr code on it… yep! I have opted to have my qr code direct the reader to my business card. Why not… it has all of my information and links on it. Killing several birds with one stone!

On a serious note, when you opt for a qr code, please be sure to also provide the customer/ audience with a link to a free reader. This is quite important. If they can’t read it, its just a bunch of pretty squares.

Kaywa is a great reader, even with extras. You can even get a mobile blog through them.

Here are some more: i-nigma, scanlife,  quickmark, and mobiscan

Over time I have thought about some uses for them. To advertise sales; to create a “member’s only” type group for mobile deals; or even to direct customers/ audience to a “splash page” where you can advertise something special.

QR codes can be used anywhere: bumper stickers, clothing, business cards, advertisements, or email signatures.

The internet is endless, and so are the possibilities of QR codes.

Enjoy my website of the week!

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