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I want in Triberr & Another Gift for You!

I discovered something today.

It may just be the best thing  since Twitter!

source: Triberr

I had heard of before, but really hadn’t given it much thought.

(enter the  gets distracted by shiny things side of me)

Earlier today, I was playing on Klout, and ended up on

I have no idea how I got there, just that a lot of clicks were involved!

I start looking into it, and I am totally dumbfounded. It seems absolutely amazing.

Basically, it is a community where bloggers support and encourage eachother.

 Triberr in their own words:

“Triberr is a blogging community that solves the number one problem that bloggers have. We do that by allowing small and medium size bloggers to come together and let them tap into each other’s audiences automagically.”

Amazing, right!

Why didn’t I think of this?

OH yeah, I’m distracted by shiny things.

Anyway. I try to sign up and guess what….

I have to have an invite code!

So to sum up this post:

If anyone has an invite for me, please feel free to share!

Here is a Christmas frame for you!

Just right click and save. If you enjoy or need help inserting the pictures, feel free to leave a comment.

Please read my Terms of Use

I have skipped the blog of the day for a few days because I have something special lined up!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Rage Quit & Exploding Inbox

I’m sitting here tonight thinking “what to do, what to do?”

My husband however is laughing so hard he has tears rolling down his face.

Apparently, he is now obsessed with watching YouTube on xbox.

For 3 days now, he has been watching Rage Quit videos from Rooster Teeth, or something like that!

Yes, my husband is a geek- just an xbox geek!

Listening to him laugh is enough entertainment.

In fact, its a little too much entertainment… I cannot concentrate while he is laughing like that. It is too funny.

So instead of working tonight, It looks like I will be listening to the hubs laugh at Rage Quit videos….


Yes, My name is Cari and I have an exploding inbox!

I belong to several groups and have family all over the country, so this makes my inbox crazy!

Its Christmas, so that makes it insane!

I’m addicted to reading blogs, so that explodes it!

My goal by tomorrow is to have an empty inbox… I’m not sure how that is going to happen.

I promise to share my tips with you, as well as a  special gift for your support!

Until then, here is a giftie for you!

You can use it as a facebook picture, blog bling, blog post image, email signature, whatever you want.

Just please do not print, and please read my terms of use!

right click to save

If you would like this customized, leave a comment with your name, and I will whip you one up!

Playing Catch-Up

Since I have failed to actually catch-up, I am doing 2 posts in 1

Life happens… what do you do?

Lego Christmas: A Geek’s Winter Wonderland


source: The Verge

At a London Train Station , a 33 foot Christmas Tree has been built.

Out of LEGOS!

It is probably the largest Lego Christmas Tree ever built, and took over 2 months to complete!

Talk about spreading the Christmas Cheer.

Here are more views:

source: The Verge

Source: The Verge

I do believe I am going to try my hand at making Christmas goodies out of  Legos!

Maybe a wreath, some ornaments, or a Christmas town.

Be a Friend to a Geek

White October and Hutchhouse has brought a very important cause to my attention!

Not all geeks have friends!

How can this be?

Its just not fair!

So, do your part and to here to pledge to make a difference.


 (seriously though, take the time to share a moment with someone who is lonely)

everyone deserves to spend Christmas with somebody. Reach out and show you care!

On to the

well, actually… 2 blogs of the day today!

The first blog that I would like to recognize is Kludgy Mom

source: Kludgy Mom

I really enjoy this blog.

Truly, a blogger after my own heart!

She blogs about geekiness, mom stuff, wifey stuff, social media….

all of my favorite things.

I look forward to the newsletter popping into my inbox

(in case you can’t tell by now, I am a total blog addict)

So, just hop on over to Kludgy Mom and see the great stuff she has to offer!

Let her know I sent you!

In the words of Jason and Grant,

On to the next!

source: Trashy Betty

Trashy Betty is one of my favorite blogs!

She blogs about her artwork, her kids, her life in general, and all things she loves, including other artists.

Her Etsy shop is absolutely amazing!

If I didn’t have a 1 year old running around, I would have everything she makes.

For now, I think I’ll just look at it, and order a skull headband or FTW mirror!

She even does hair and makeup for a Pinup photographer!

Talk about multi-talented!

Enjoy my finds and favorite blogs

Merry Christmas

Still Behind & The Life of a Geek Mom

So, on “day 3” of my 25 Days of Christmas,

I will share with you a day in the life of a geek Mom at ChristmasTime.

What does a Mom do when:

There is a One year old running around;

from fridge to freezer with magnets in hand?

Oh, and don’t forget he is learning to go Potty!

[bragging on my 14 month old a little]

What does she do when

he is also cutting teeth AGAIN?

Why follow him around, of course!

What does a Wife do when:

Her husband is a geek in his own way?

When he wrestles with a little monster every morning?

When he puts up the tree and lights…

and it looks oh so nice?

What does she do when,

he loves sausage balls, lemon bars, and sugar cookies?

Why bake, of course!

[yes, I know, its scary… I bake, or at least i’m learning to!]

What does a GEEKY WIFE and MOM do at ChristmasTime?

When the new Star Wars goodies come out.

When its shopping season,

and she can’t take her eyes off the secret things she is obsessed with?

Why she drools over STAR WARS goodies, of course!


Light Saber Chopsticks


Lego Star Wars Advent

Star Wars Xbox

So, in summary… These are the things that all those Star Wars fans on your nice (or naughty) list will enjoy!


On to the

Today’s blog of the day is one that I subscribe to, and I really enjoy her posts!


Arvee blogs about all things that make her happy.

ESPECIALLY photography!

She’s such a great photographer, I wish I had half her talent.

When I read her blog, I realize that while we are so much alike,

I would actually annoy her to death.

(mostly because I LOVE exclamation points!!!! … see)

This is my favorite photo on her blog:


source: flutterhappy

Just hop on over to flutterhappy,

and let her know I sent you.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas

A Geek’s Worst Nightmare & It’s December

I’m a day late with my first 25 Days of Christmas post!

I know, horrible!

Last night, a geek’s worst nightmare happened- our internet went down!


So, you are getting 2 posts today!


A free printable of 25 Things to do this Christmas


just right click and save

These are my must-do items for December.

Some are obvious, some are just fun!

Enjoy, but please read my terms of use!

Now for the….

Today’s Blog of the Day is featuring the amazing Mel at

Lady M Graphics

She creates amazing posers and digital scrap kits!

They are just beautiful, she even has free goodies on her blog.

In fact, she has created a poser set and a digital scrap kit inspired by me!

The best part… they are both free!

How much fun is that!

Here is what I have come up with as a quickie from the Cari poser set and her homespun Christmas kit:

 Just hop on over and grab some goodies.

*please be sure to send her love and let her know that NighLon sent you*

More goodies from NighLon coming tonight!

Geek Meets Fall, Part 2

Here is the picture I promised!

This is my very first attempt at carving a pumpkin!

It’s Darth Vader… Can you tell?

I mean, really… can you tell?

GO HERE for this template and more.

Oh, and there’s also directions!

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Happy Birthday Mark Hamill!

 Happy 60th Birthday Mark Hamill!

May THE FORCE continue to be with you!

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Fabulously Geeky: STAR WARS HEELS? I Think So

How did I find this week's fabulously geeky?
Why, by a GOOGLE search of course! [no, I was not looking for STAR WARS SHOES]
Sadly though, it turns out that these were created by and Etsy store that is no longer in business.
This may be the saddest thing I've found today!
But I have a plan!
I'm going to make some....
Yes, I said make some!!!
I promise to share that adventure, maybe I'll even start a business!

What is your latest FABULOUSLY GEEKY find?

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Top 4: Accessories for a Fabulous Geek

must have for fabulous geeks

Accessories for a Fabulous Geek

1. PINK any computer accessory that is pink will do. I love this mouse, it is on my list. My favorite pink accessory however is my pink “computer light” that plugs into a USB port.

2. A desk microwave.  Even though it is actually just a prototype, it is pretty cool. The 160 bucks (and not simoleons) is not so cool.

3.  Every girl needs a really fabulous USB thumb drive. Whether its a Lego key chain or a rhinestone heart necklace!

4. ANYTHING made with computer parts! Its even better if you make them yourself! (I will soon share a tutorial on how to make really fabulous jewelry with computer parts)

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5 Cool Ways to Market Your Blog with QR Codes

qr code from

I know, I know, qr codes are for big time marketing campaigns. Really? no, I don’t think so.

I have been fascinated in these codes since I first saw one in some random magazine I read, and knew that I could find a use for them!

I started looking for qr code generators and discovered My favorite thing about this particular generator is that you can customize it! No more plane jane black and white qr codes for me. You can change the color and even the border around it.  You can embed phone numbers, pictures, websites, or even contact information. I think, I would even buy a mug with my qr code on it… yep! I have opted to have my qr code direct the reader to my business card. Why not… it has all of my information and links on it. Killing several birds with one stone!

On a serious note, when you opt for a qr code, please be sure to also provide the customer/ audience with a link to a free reader. This is quite important. If they can’t read it, its just a bunch of pretty squares.

Kaywa is a great reader, even with extras. You can even get a mobile blog through them.

Here are some more: i-nigma, scanlife,  quickmark, and mobiscan

Over time I have thought about some uses for them. To advertise sales; to create a “member’s only” type group for mobile deals; or even to direct customers/ audience to a “splash page” where you can advertise something special.

QR codes can be used anywhere: bumper stickers, clothing, business cards, advertisements, or email signatures.

The internet is endless, and so are the possibilities of QR codes.

Enjoy my website of the week!

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