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As I am sure you have noticed, NighLon has a new look.

Even though I had been wanting to redesign, I accidentally changed my them (more on that and tips later). I wasn’t going to take on that challenge quite yet because I am participating in The SITS Girls 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.  I have learned many things, and this is just the start of the second week. This week, I am taking a “look under the hood” of NighLon. This will include: checking for broken links, creating a best of page, making NighLon mobile friendly, and some other nitty gritty stuff. (I promise that you guys will benefit!)

I have already made some great blogging buddies and have some project in mind to work with them on. These guys have inspired me to write this post. We have all had so much fun sharing our tips, tools, secrets, and favorite websites.

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite websites, that I only discovered this week. I am already addicted. is basically my new go-to site. Catch free highlights the best of the web. There’s a catch though: Its only free services. AMAZING! Their tagline describes it perfectly: Perform everyday tasks for free.

One of the features I really like about it is that Its not just site-owner opinion, users also rate services and give critiques.  You can even narrow searches down and see how closely the service matches your criteria. I have only begun to explore. This will definitely be my first stop when searching for useful web services.

Google: Watch out, I won’t be spending as much time sweet-talking you!

Some of the services featured on CatchFree are:

listen to children’s books

backup computer files

share files

build a website

build a landing page

creating surveys

I stress that this is just a very few services highlighted at

To all my readers (and SITSTAS) I hope you find this as beneficial as I do.

Another Episode in my Facebook Love/Hate Relationship

I have written before about how much I love Facebook, yet I hate it all at the same time.

There is another installment of this: The Facebook Timeline

I got my timeline several months ago as a special release to developers only.

I love the idea of it.

However, If you play games, its not so great when it starts.

The reason for this is when others go to your wall, its hard to fine all of the game posts.

Its wonderful for just pictures, status updates, and the new addition of LIFE EVENTS.

I LOVE this new addition.

I went through and added all of my biggest life events; like my wedding, when my son was born, and when I started NighLon!

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Farmville 12 Days of Christmas & Lots of Goodies to Choose From

This funny poem was written by my amazingly talented MIL.

This is what happens when she gets irritated at Farmville:

On the First day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
one Winter Wonderland with the chance of a new Farming Degree!

On the Second day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Two lost turtles, out of sync errors, and encouraged me to buy a special tree!

On the Third day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Three snow hens, some useless sheep,
and a silver Mastery for my farming degree!

On the Fourth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Four flighty birds, no place to put them, now I need an upgrade,
and property doesn’t come cheap or free!

On the Fifth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Five quests to follow, Reindeer for reward, bugs in the system,
and encouraged me to buy a special tree!

On the Sixth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Six geese a-straying, a new pen to build, many supplies needed,
I have to have more boards pretty please.!

On the Seventh day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
seven penquins lost, 10 quest to find them.
I need to start it now! But the game just will not un-freeze!

On the Eighth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Eight hours of playing, seven penguins lost.
Think i’ll make my farm look Christmassy.

On the Ninth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Nine new ways of paying, have to get that farm cash,
so i can go and buy a special tree.

On the Tenth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
10 more pens to build, new seeds to buy, more Quests to follow,
and I forgot to harvest my new tree!

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
Eleven neighbors spamming, viruses and threats, people going crazy,
because we need completion of our Mastery.

And on the Twelfth day of Christmas, FarmVille gave to me,
12 major headaches, 11 neighbors angry, 10 pens to fill, 9 empty game-cards, 8
things for storage, 7 useless penguins, 6 geese not laying, 5 ugly lamas, 4 strange ducks, 3 winter hens, 2 turtles I deleted, and
my artificial, but completed Farming Degree!!!!

 just go here and see how talented she is… you can reach her other blogs there as well

On to the

Today’s blog of the day is a little bit different!

Perfect for anyone with an interest in the Paranormal.

Whether it be ghosts, aliens, crop circles, Cryptozoology, or anything else among the Paranormal

There are several links you may find useful.

There is a newsletter, that is quite interesting.

Along with Lady M Graphics, I am giving gifts to anyone who signs up for their newsletter.

All you have to do is send me a message HERE

that includes your email address, and what you want as your free gift.

Here is what you have to choose from:

Any kit at Lady M Graphics


anything on my site personalized for you!

Pretty great deal, huh?

Now You Know: Convert Your Blog into and Ebook

I’ve wanted a BLOOK now for a while, so here goes!

I decided to try my hand at turning NighLon into a BLOOK…

Here are my results


With Booksmith, you can choose to either include up to 100 posts or within a certain time frame (this would be great if you want to do it annually or semi-annually)

  1. Go To
  2. Select how many posts you want to include -or- the time frame to include
  3. Select the posts you want to include
  4. Customize
    • do you want to include images?
    • do you want to include dates?
    • customize cover
    • add dedication
    • add preface
5. Click create my Ebook
You now have a BLOOK


  1. Go to
  2. Click on your blog platform
  3. Enter your url
  4. If you need help with your xml file, just follow the directions (that’s what I did)
  5. Select the options you want
  6. Click create ebook
  7. See your Blook
I do like the final look of BlogBooker better
I think I will keep playing with it to find other tips and tricks.
This was just a quick run through, but I will keep you updated.
When you create your ebook, this allows your readers to download content
It also makes it available to read offline from a computer or an ereader.
I think this could create a solution for so many bloggers.
Especially those who tell a story with their blog.
The blog I want to see as an ebook:
Happy BLOOKing

My Latest Obsession: PINTEREST

I want to share with you my latest antipsycotic: PINTEREST!

It seems to be an overnight phenomena.

Note to whoever marketed Pinterest: I would really love to pick your brain!!!

I often enjoy going “brain dead” and browsing what others have pinned.  I scroll through the pin boards (virtual idea boards) of those I follow,  and see some of the most amazing things.

As I was browsing earlier today, a lightbulb came on:

Why not use pinterest to market my blog?

Its visual… Pinterest is visual.

Seems like a match made in heaven.

Adding a “pin this” button to my posts was pretty straightforward.

1. Of course, you have to have a Pinterest account first. GO HERE

2. In the ABOUT tab, click PIN IT BUTTON

3. Scroll down until you see the “Follow button for websites” area

     Place the provided code on your website or blog where you wish

4. After where the follow button code is, you will find the

     GREATEST THING EVER… “Pin It Buttons for Websites”

5. Follow the directions and place the provided code on your post…

6. Let the pinning begin!

I’m sure that as Pinterest ages a little,  there will be more sharing tools with Pinterest buttons.

For now, however, this is the easiest way for WordPress(without using a plugin).

I then had another epiphany…

There has to be many more uses for Pinterest.

I was amazed at the things I thought of

Here are some uses for Pinterest:

1. Promote your blog

2. Gather ideas for event planning

3. Inspiration (gather pins that will encourage you or get you moving)

4. Home decorating ideas

5. Really cool products

6. collecting recipes

7. Organizing ideas

8. Styleboards

9. Plan a wedding

10. Gather craft ideas

11. Gift giving ideas

12. A visual to-do list

13. Gather ideas, no matter the project

Hop on over and glance at my pinboards, maybe something there will inspire you!

My absolute favorite thing about Pinterest,

besides that it makes life as a procrastinator so much easier:

Its so new that all of its potential has not yet been released!

Pin It

Get Featured

Interested in being featured on Nighlon’s Featured Friday?

Just go here and answer some questions!

If you are featured, you will get a custom tag and a blog link button for your participation!

I will always let you approve the post before I publish!

Thanks for your support.

5 Cool Ways to Market Your Blog with QR Codes

qr code from

I know, I know, qr codes are for big time marketing campaigns. Really? no, I don’t think so.

I have been fascinated in these codes since I first saw one in some random magazine I read, and knew that I could find a use for them!

I started looking for qr code generators and discovered My favorite thing about this particular generator is that you can customize it! No more plane jane black and white qr codes for me. You can change the color and even the border around it.  You can embed phone numbers, pictures, websites, or even contact information. I think, I would even buy a mug with my qr code on it… yep! I have opted to have my qr code direct the reader to my business card. Why not… it has all of my information and links on it. Killing several birds with one stone!

On a serious note, when you opt for a qr code, please be sure to also provide the customer/ audience with a link to a free reader. This is quite important. If they can’t read it, its just a bunch of pretty squares.

Kaywa is a great reader, even with extras. You can even get a mobile blog through them.

Here are some more: i-nigma, scanlife,  quickmark, and mobiscan

Over time I have thought about some uses for them. To advertise sales; to create a “member’s only” type group for mobile deals; or even to direct customers/ audience to a “splash page” where you can advertise something special.

QR codes can be used anywhere: bumper stickers, clothing, business cards, advertisements, or email signatures.

The internet is endless, and so are the possibilities of QR codes.

Enjoy my website of the week!

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