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Christmas Present from NighLon

I can’t believe it…

Christmas is almost here!

Of course, I feel like a kid!

I have a special Christmas gift for you.

A free blog kit, created by yours truly.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Kit includes:


customizable header

pennant border

another border

customizable badge

This kit will work for blogger and wordpress.

just click on what you want and to download.

Have fun, and if you need any help customizing, just comment or go here

Coming soon: several more blog kits, facebook tutorial, and exciting news!

Merry Christmas

A Geek’s Worst Nightmare & It’s December

I’m a day late with my first 25 Days of Christmas post!

I know, horrible!

Last night, a geek’s worst nightmare happened- our internet went down!


So, you are getting 2 posts today!


A free printable of 25 Things to do this Christmas


just right click and save

These are my must-do items for December.

Some are obvious, some are just fun!

Enjoy, but please read my terms of use!

Now for the….

Today’s Blog of the Day is featuring the amazing Mel at

Lady M Graphics

She creates amazing posers and digital scrap kits!

They are just beautiful, she even has free goodies on her blog.

In fact, she has created a poser set and a digital scrap kit inspired by me!

The best part… they are both free!

How much fun is that!

Here is what I have come up with as a quickie from the Cari poser set and her homespun Christmas kit:

 Just hop on over and grab some goodies.

*please be sure to send her love and let her know that NighLon sent you*

More goodies from NighLon coming tonight!

DECEMBER: A Wonderful Month!

Hello All!

December is going to be such a wonderful month for NighLon

I have tons of goodies lined up for the

Here are a few of the things I have lined up:

My favorite products for the season

Humorous Christmas stories

Great tutorials

Some amazing featured blogs


Free custom blog header/ badge/ and coordinating signature tag (details below)

Staying sane at Christmas tips

Details for free blog header/ badge/ and Sig Tag

I will be creating a free blog kit for those of you who request it, however; the deadline is December 15th for requests

Just follow these requirements:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter
  2. Like my Facebook fan page
  3. Follow me on Twitter
  4. Send me a message with the following information
    • Link to your blog/ website
    • requests of specifics (color, images, etc)
    • Title/ Subtitle
    • Email Address
  5. Link back to this blog. (either with a badge, or simply in a post)

In return, you will receive the following:

  1. Banner
  2. Badge
  3. Background
  4. Signature tag (for use in emails, blog posts, forum posts, etc)
  5. Link to your blog on NighLon

Merry Christmas from NighLon,

and I promise not to drown you in Christmas Cheer

Tag, You’re It: Perfectly Imperfect Freebie

I have been feeling loved today!

This brings out the sentimental part of me,

and puts the dark sarcastic me behind a door for a while.

So, because I have an amazing husband, here is a tag freebie

grab it here

Pin It

As always, please read my terms of use

Enjoy my sentimental day and what it has brought about.

Tag, You’re It: Another Freebie Tag

I have been so busy with a website project I”m working on!

I’m so sorry to neglect all of you guys.

For my selfishness, here is a freebie tag for you!

I hope you enjoy it!

Just right click and save!

Enjoy, but please be sure to read my terms!

Pin It

Here is a glimpse of my big project i’ve been working on!

gaming clan site… check it out

FREEBIE: Fall Blog Kit

Here is another blog kit I have created

I had to… because I ♥ FALL

  grab it here

Pin It

Tag, You’re It: Eat, Drink, and Be Spooky

 grab a blank one here

thanks for you support, but please remember my terms

Tag, You’re It: Witch And Famous


Is my favorite holiday!!!

for so many reasons……

so, here’s a gift!

(note, I am also beautiful imperfection. I created this tag before NighLon)

Download a blank copy here

don’t forget my terms of use

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FREEBIE: NighLon Graphics Tiffany Inspired Blog Kit

I have created a blog kit to share with you!

It is so fabulous that it could have only been inspired by TIFFANY!


as always, please be sure to read my terms of use

Kiss My Converse!

Here’s another tag freebie!

kiss my conversesnag it here

there will be a scrap/ tagger kit coming soon inspired by this tag!

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