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Tag, You’re It: The last blank tag!


just right click and save

Keeping with my previous news, I am working on creating a member’s only area.

Here, you will be able to request tags; as well as other goodies.

This will be my last blank tag, enjoy!

News of the member’s only section will be coming soon.

Please be sure to read my TOU

Thank you for your patience as I have been working on the new design!

please…. bear with me?!?!

I’m working on a redesign as an alternative to self-hosting, so I”m trying to work the kinks out.

NighLon will be back on track soon, I promise!

Big News: For NighLon & In My Inbox

I am excited to announce a decision I made today!

I will no longer be sharing blank tags!

There will however be 2 ways of getting them.

1. a pre-made tag with a message, such as “welcome” or “thank you”


2. Join the list (coming soon) to have your custom made tag for each one I make.

This decision is so that I can not only keep track of how they are being used,

but also so that the final product will look more professional.

I will let you know more details as I work them out.

In My Inbox:

I got a very interesting email today about a gamer study.

Apparently ladies who participate in online gaming have more sex!

I honestly never would have thought this…

I would have assumed the opposite!

GameHouse says that women who play online games are happier and feel smarter!


 Something else I would never have guessed:

Online gamers are predominately women

[55% women, 45 % men]

This statistic begs the question:

which games are they counting?

Xbox/ Playstation/ Wii


strictly computer online games,

such as Farmville, Second Life, etc?

Something new and different for me

I am very excited to announce…

that I am in the process of becoming


I’m very excited about this, but because I have never done this before, I will continue to post here until I get it all figured out

I will make the huge announcement when It is ready though!

Thank you for your support

Now You Know: Convert Your Blog into and Ebook

I’ve wanted a BLOOK now for a while, so here goes!

I decided to try my hand at turning NighLon into a BLOOK…

Here are my results


With Booksmith, you can choose to either include up to 100 posts or within a certain time frame (this would be great if you want to do it annually or semi-annually)

  1. Go To
  2. Select how many posts you want to include -or- the time frame to include
  3. Select the posts you want to include
  4. Customize
    • do you want to include images?
    • do you want to include dates?
    • customize cover
    • add dedication
    • add preface
5. Click create my Ebook
You now have a BLOOK


  1. Go to
  2. Click on your blog platform
  3. Enter your url
  4. If you need help with your xml file, just follow the directions (that’s what I did)
  5. Select the options you want
  6. Click create ebook
  7. See your Blook
I do like the final look of BlogBooker better
I think I will keep playing with it to find other tips and tricks.
This was just a quick run through, but I will keep you updated.
When you create your ebook, this allows your readers to download content
It also makes it available to read offline from a computer or an ereader.
I think this could create a solution for so many bloggers.
Especially those who tell a story with their blog.
The blog I want to see as an ebook:
Happy BLOOKing

Tag, You’re It: Perfectly Imperfect Freebie

I have been feeling loved today!

This brings out the sentimental part of me,

and puts the dark sarcastic me behind a door for a while.

So, because I have an amazing husband, here is a tag freebie

grab it here

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As always, please read my terms of use

Enjoy my sentimental day and what it has brought about.

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