Update to Lesson 1: Fanpage Vanity URL

So, in my earlier post, I gave some wrong information.

This was not intentional, but I do want to correct myself.

I stated that you have to have 25 likes to have a vanity URL…


Here is how to do it:

1. From your fanpage, navigate to  “Edit Page” (the upper right hand corner)

2. Select “Basic Information” from the menu on the left.

3. Click the link for “Create a username for this page”

you will be here

 4. enter the url you wish to have. (ex: facebook.com/nighlontutorialpage  )

Remember, you can only do this once!

Make sure its what you want.

Make sure you snag your brand name while you can!

I am truly sorry for giving the wrong information.

Policies change, but I vow to always give you the best information to my knowledge!

About NighLon

MARKETER, SAHM, wife, graphic designer, web designer, tweek (twitter addict), blogger, and self proclaimed social media guru.

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  1. thanks Cari, I love facebook tips.

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