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Tag, You’re It: Halloween Freebies

In honor of how much I LOVE Halloween,

here are some tag freebies!

just click on the image to get it!

please be sure to read my terms of use

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween


I’m sure all of you already know this, but….


Tonight is my night. Fun filled Halloween goodness!

FIRST… Ghost hunters LIVE!

Also tonight:

A yummy fall dinner

Haunted House building

Family trick-or-treating


Tag, You’re It: Another Freebie Tag

I have been so busy with a website project I”m working on!

I’m so sorry to neglect all of you guys.

For my selfishness, here is a freebie tag for you!

I hope you enjoy it!

Just right click and save!

Enjoy, but please be sure to read my terms!

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Here is a glimpse of my big project i’ve been working on!

gaming clan site… check it out

What Is Your Preference?

I have been toying with the idea of using a different newsletter

Or possibly adding another option for my newsletter

Please let me know what  you think.

My Latest Obsession: PINTEREST

I want to share with you my latest antipsycotic: PINTEREST!

It seems to be an overnight phenomena.

Note to whoever marketed Pinterest: I would really love to pick your brain!!!

I often enjoy going “brain dead” and browsing what others have pinned.  I scroll through the pin boards (virtual idea boards) of those I follow,  and see some of the most amazing things.

As I was browsing earlier today, a lightbulb came on:

Why not use pinterest to market my blog?

Its visual… Pinterest is visual.

Seems like a match made in heaven.

Adding a “pin this” button to my posts was pretty straightforward.

1. Of course, you have to have a Pinterest account first. GO HERE

2. In the ABOUT tab, click PIN IT BUTTON

3. Scroll down until you see the “Follow button for websites” area

     Place the provided code on your website or blog where you wish

4. After where the follow button code is, you will find the

     GREATEST THING EVER… “Pin It Buttons for Websites”

5. Follow the directions and place the provided code on your post…

6. Let the pinning begin!

I’m sure that as Pinterest ages a little,  there will be more sharing tools with Pinterest buttons.

For now, however, this is the easiest way for WordPress(without using a plugin).

I then had another epiphany…

There has to be many more uses for Pinterest.

I was amazed at the things I thought of

Here are some uses for Pinterest:

1. Promote your blog

2. Gather ideas for event planning

3. Inspiration (gather pins that will encourage you or get you moving)

4. Home decorating ideas

5. Really cool products

6. collecting recipes

7. Organizing ideas

8. Styleboards

9. Plan a wedding

10. Gather craft ideas

11. Gift giving ideas

12. A visual to-do list

13. Gather ideas, no matter the project

Hop on over and glance at my pinboards, maybe something there will inspire you!

My absolute favorite thing about Pinterest,

besides that it makes life as a procrastinator so much easier:

Its so new that all of its potential has not yet been released!

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FREEBIE: Fall Blog Kit

Here is another blog kit I have created

I had to… because I ♥ FALL

  grab it here

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Tag, You’re It: Eat, Drink, and Be Spooky

 grab a blank one here

thanks for you support, but please remember my terms

Geek Meets Fall, Part 2

Here is the picture I promised!

This is my very first attempt at carving a pumpkin!

It’s Darth Vader… Can you tell?

I mean, really… can you tell?

GO HERE for this template and more.

Oh, and there’s also directions!

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A Geek Meets Fall


I really do… I mean I really, really do

Look here… this proves it!

This is me and the hubby carving pumpkins.

This was a first for me!

I grew up painting pumpkins, because my mom is a hippie! [I ♥ you mom]

My design will come later… Its a surprise,

but first, a little history of the Jack-O-Lantern!

Even though the Jack O’Lantern was brought to America with the Irish, The  legend actually did not begin with a pumpkin. Here’s the legend: Stingy Jack was quite the miserable, old drunk who enjoyed playing trick on everyone; even the Devil, himself! Once, Jack decided to trick the Devil. He convinced him to climbing an apple tree. Once the Devil climbed up, Stingy Jack placed crosses around the truck of the tree, so that he could not get down. Stingy Jack made the Devil swear to not take his soul when he died. After this exchange was made, Stingy Jack moved the crosses so the devil could descend.

Many years went by, and Stingy Jack finally died. He went to the Pearly Gates, but was disappointed to learn that he could not get in. Saint Peter told him that because he lead such a miserable and worthless life, he was not allowed into Heaven. He traveled to hell but was once again disappointed. Devil kept his promise, and would not let him in.  He would be forced to wander forever in the darkness between Heaven and Hell. Jack became scared.  He asked the Devil how he was supposed to leave when there was not light. The Devil gave Stingy Jack a ember from the fiery pits of hell to light his way. Because turnips were one of Stingy Jack’s favorite food, he hollowed out a turnip and placed the ember within. From that day on, Stingy Jack roamed the Earth lighting his way with his “Jack O’Lantern.”

The Irish would hollow out Turnips, Rutabagas, Gourds, Potatoes, and Beets. The placed a light inside to ward off evil spirits on All Hallow’s Eve. This also kept Stingy Jack Away. These were the original Jack O’Lanterns. When large waves of Irish came to America in the 1800s, the immigrants soon discovered Pumpkins. The immigrants began using Pumpkins because they are bigger and easier to carve out!

Grab your pumpkin carving stencils here

This is your surprise!

A free set of 19 stencils


  1.  For easy clean up, place protective covering on the area you will be working.
  2. Cut a lid large enough to reach your hand in so that you can clean out all the pumpkin brains. Angle the knife toward the center so that you have created a ledge for the lid to rest on.
  3. Using a scoop clean out all the seeds and stringy pumpkin brain. On the side where you will be carving, scrape the pumpkin until it is about an inch thick.
  4. Print the pattern, and tape it to the pumpkin.
  5. Using a pin or a poking tool, poke holes along the design lines. Once you make sure the whole design has been transferred, remove the pattern. (hold on to it for reference.)
  6. Using a saw, gently, cut out the pattern (the black areas). Work from the center of the design out, and from the smallest to largest holes.
  7. If the stencil you decide to use has grey areas: use a chisel, or other carving tool, to “shave” the peel of the pumpkin. Shave off 1/2 inch of the pumpkin’s skin. This will allow the light to shine through.
  8. Clean up your design and place a candle inside

Let me know how it turns out!

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Tag, You’re It

My many projects going on right now are keeping me quite busy!

I have several great posts lined up that you should see in the next week,

starting with a really special surprise tomorrow!

You will love it, I promise!

As a gift, since I have been so crazy busy, I am giving you another tag freebie!

download a blank one here!

as always, please be sure to read my terms of use

I don’t say it enough, so thank you all for your support!!!

I promise, there will be lots of goodies and surprises in the next week!

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