Dressed Up Posts: Worth the Read

Here is a list of my favorite/ most popular posts.

Dive in and read, learn, and drool over some geekiness!

These posts are must-reads for anyone looking to improve their marketing and social media.

Marketing with Facebook: Lesson 1    Learn to set up your fanpage 

With this post, I shared the step-by-step process of setting up a Facebook fanpage. Complete with screen shots. Update: vanity URL  This may seem elementary, But it is a must-have foundation for my marketing with Facebook series


Now You Know: Converting Your Blog into an Ebook

  What you need to know to convert your blog into an ebook. This will help you get more eyes on what you  offer. People are always looking to get ebooks. They are much more convenient, and available offline. The tools I share are free services.


Now You Know: Adding a Newsletter Sign Up to your Website

A newsletter sign up box is much better for gathering readers for your newsletter than having them send you their email. I, personally, will not sign up for a newsletter if I have to email the writer to get the subscription.

I share with you tips on newsletters, as well as free services to help you organize it all.


My Latest Obsession: Pinterest

What you need to know to start an account, use Pinterest, and drool like I do.

Also: how to add buttons to your blog, as well as use it for marketing.



Tutorial: Snag My Button

Directions and code for a “snag my button”

codes for WordPress and Blogger


5 Cool Ways to Market Your Blog with QR Codes

Learn how to create and place a QR code.

Interesting things to link to.

Unconventional marketing methods using QR codes.


My Geekiest Posts

Big News & In My Inbox

I would have never guessed that women who play online games have more sex than those who do not.

After I read the facts and statistic details, I understood why!


A Geek Meets Fall

     All the reasons this geek loves fall!

     Also: Free geeky pumpkin stencils designed by yours truly, and the best carving directions EVER


Off To An Amazing Start

Happy 30th Birthday to Commodore 64


These are NighLon readers’ favorites

Featured Friday: Its All About Me!

                        All of my fabulously geekiness and why I am the way I am!

 Thanks Mom!!!


    Tolkien Week

    A history of Tolkien Week and a FREEBIE!

    What I learned from Hobbits


Letters to Santa

                 Christmas traditions held by my family

                 Christmas letters in the internet age

                 Featuring one of my favorite bloggers: Patricia from The Dolls Are Alright


  1. I like it! Especially the snag my button tutorial!

  2. That is a really good list!

  3. Great Job, thanks for all your best posts in one place.

  4. Thank you! I hope you found something useful! I have to visit you soon!

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