Day 2: I love Elves & A Modern Day Hippie

I know, I’m still behind, but I promise to catch up!

On to day 2 of NighLon’s

I am a total commercial junkie.

I mean, I could watch commercials instead of actual TV.

Every year, I have a favorite Christmas commercial;

If you know me, you can probably guess which one it is!


source: TMobile

I love these little pink and silver guys!

I am not really a fan of TMobile commercials in general,

but what’s not to love about shiny elves?

I just love them, I could dress up like one!

On to the

My friend Jennifer has a fabulous blog!

Its Lifestyles of a Modern Day Hippie

She writes about her adventures of being a NATURAL MOMMY

To make it even better, her little boy is just ADORABLE!

What you will find there:



Photos from her little man in our home town

Tips for natural parenting

her thoughts on all things mommy and baby.

I can’t wait to make her homemade vanilla extract!

I have the honor of helping her with her design process; and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hop on over there and show her some love, but don’t forget to tell her that I sent you!

Have a Merry Christmas

About NighLon

MARKETER, SAHM, wife, graphic designer, web designer, tweek (twitter addict), blogger, and self proclaimed social media guru.

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